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Business Launching

Since Chinaís reform and opening-up, more and more foreign corporations  have entered or are planning to enter the Chinese market. Though the extent of Chinaís reform and opening-up expand, and China is gradually integrating with the rest of the world, lots of unique Chinese national conditions still exist. The culture and the way of Chinese thinking cannot be fully understood by foreign investors. If you donít understand Chinaís particularities, you will face great difficulties in launching your business in China, which will certainly waste you a lot of time and money. RBIís experts are all local Chinese consulting experts with sound knowledge of Chinaís political and economic conditions, laws and regulations, market, corporations, and factories etc. They have years of experience in dealing with Chinese governments, organizations, entities, and relevant individuals. RBI will help you launch your business in China market in the most economical and effective way.

Are you troubled by big budget, complex process, and unsuitable staffs while launching business in China?

Are you thinking about long term business strategy for China market?  

RBI is here to be your first and most reliable partner , and we  continuously help you find the most appropriate partners in China 

Our services: 



    Company or office registration

    Setting up office 

    Business center service

    Market identification

    Marketing survey

    Finding a reliable partner 

    Sourcing product  

    HR executive research

    Staff training

    Seminar arrangement

    Technology transfer