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       About us

As a China leading private investment consulting company, RBI focuses on three business services for our international clients.  

1)Due Diligence: RBI offers you the most discreet, authentic, results-oriented professional investigation service in China, including due diligence investigation, business credit check to keep you away from fraud, counterfeiting before you start any cooperation, joint venture, M&A  with any Chinese enterprise. RBI digs out true stories and present a complete picture of your potential candidates in China, no matter whether it is an individual or an enterprise. 

2)Business Launching Service: How to develop Chinese market efficiently and economically? RBI is here to offer you the best solution.

3)Sourcing: RBI works closely with our clients more like a strategic partner than a consulting firm. We source the right products for your company,  identify a reliable and suitable partner for your enterprise, and help you figure out a strategic plan in China.  

RBI  has  successfully  cooperated with many clients in USA, Europe, Middle East, and Asia to achieve their goals.

Our Mission is to create a clear, reliable and efficient business platform for our international clients in China.

Why RBI?


1)We understand our clients well

  • Well-educated and experienced consultants of RBI understand the market of your industry and project target very well beyond the Term of Reference (TOR)

  • Excellent language skills and professional background make RBI consultants communicate with you without barrier.

  • Years of international working experience offer you the best practice in the most efficient way

2)We understand China well 

  • Long and unique history of China and different cultural background make Chinese people think differently and different political and social systems make Chinese people behave differently, but our committed consultants understand the difference.

  • Developing China is now experiencing a special turn in the course of events. The old value system is fading away while the new one is emerging, and we understand the changes and would make valuable contributions to our international clients.

3)We do things right

  • RBI finds out the truth in China in a special and professional way.

  •  Skillful and well-planned interviews with target individuals and enterprises

  •  Detail oriented research with special attention paid to issues that others may consider insignificant

  •  Deliver a report or complete a task in a timely manner

  •   Advantage of broad national information system

  •  Capability of combining every aspects and details during Due Diligence and Sourcing investigation

  • Service Tracking System (STS) and Continuous Improvement (CI) to keep you safe and satisfied at all times.